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Our philosophy is simple. I’m a Digital Marketing Chef who is
fanatical about making money for my clients

Just like a paleontologist loves digging up dinosaur bones, I love digging websites from the depths of search indexes. I’ve loved dinosaurs since my childhood – a passion now shared with my son (7 years old at the time of writing) who wants to become a T-Rex when he grows old…Umm we’ll talk about that later.

I love story telling – and this website is my story.

As a professional, the keywords are digital marketing, SEO, advertisements, content outreach, social media, news jacking, events, algorithms, analytics, insights and almost everything related to “give me leads”.

Oh Yes, I also Dispel black magic done on your websites

I intend to share my digital marketing experiences and give you a brief outlook of what I do and how I do it. So go through the pages and feel free to discuss, share or inquire ~ Hope you’ll enjoy.

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