About us

We are not the generic digital marketing agency, freelancer or a consultant that works for a salary. We take on a Special Operation as precisely desired by our clients that others may find difficult to understand - or is simply inconceivable to conduct.

Some of our cutting edge Special Digital Ops comprise of

  • Destabilizing the SEO positions of your competitor
  • Surveillance or intelligence gathering about your digital opponents
  • Monitor your running digital department's activities silently to hold them accountable - it's sort of a clandestine audit with recommendations
  • If you've been polluted by Negative Press / Journalism and getting bashed online!
  • Require a "Rapid Action" plan for your Startup
  • Require Product launch in a smooth tactical manner
  • Achieving target Lead count through Digital Penetration Ops
  • Create a fully functional digital department with our Structural Plan
  • Social media surveillance or water testing for your campaigns

Review our various operational sections for more in-depth talk.


Our group consists of tightly aligned digital marketing veterans having 20 years of combined experience in the "mission impossible" tasks with a hunter killer attitude to get the job done - at the right price.

We don't compile a list of do's and don'ts or complex proposals which most clients never understand due to jargons and technology terms. Our work is straight forward - share your problem - negotiation and sign the contract - then sit back, check the reports and relax. We take time to create our first correspondence that has a short term and long term action plan with all the components jotted down.

Our work is mostly secretive as we don't share our strategy - We believe in delivering the Package!
Connect with us and share your desired special operation - time frame - budget and we'll be your frontline special force to achieve those targets.