Competitor Destruction

Special Operations

Defeat Your Competitor!

This operation revolves around overcoming THAT ONE COMPETITOR which has given you sleepless nights and tough time on digital playground. Embark upon this plan immediately to demolish your opponent’s will to compete with you.

That’s where our Forces come in.

    Our Strategy
  • Destabilize the Search positions of your competitor
  • Surveillance or intelligence gathering of their footprints
  • Getting their efforts bogged down with our precision strikes
  • Other covert operations that would indirectly impact them
    Who could benefit
  • Entities (Individuals, setups or a company) which has suffered a lot at their competitor’s hand for negative reasons
  • Entities who want to sit back and see their bad competition’s KPI’s go down
  • Entities which are concerned about their competitor throwing BAD products or services in the market that could be a source of mistrust – or may give a bad name to the industry
  • Entities concerned about an absolutely false offering, public relation stunt or projection of a certain issue
  • Finally, whatever legitimate reasons any entity wants to take hold of their opponents!