Defend Your Reputation

Special Operations

Defend Your Digital Reputation

Specially designed reputation defender operation to monitor, withstand and defeat any negative or bad publicity on search (Google) or several other reputation websites. If an individual or a company is in hot waters due to some mishap and is being highlighted in the internet negatively, then this operation is the only solution to white wash and clean up the mess.

    Our Strategy
  • Establishment of a “reputation defender” plan to counter high risk bad press
  • Full monitoring of negative articles that pop up from time to time
  • Reinforce good reputation to ward off negative sentiments
  • Complete anonymity of our client’s identity – stealthy approach
    Companies or Individuals that could benefit
  • If you’re marred by a scandal that has digital footprints all over the internet
  • An internal mishap that created bad press
  • An unknown disgruntled employee creating bad digital reputation on Google and other websites
  • Your competitor pushing your website down by bringing up bad articles
  • Social media filled with negative talk about your company