Special Operations

Digital Penetration

Our work revolves around identifying “a particular entity’s goals for survival” - which may include making money for them, maintaining an excellent reputation in the market or some special “highly classified” ones!.

Despite spending decent a mounts on assets such as search marketing, digital public relations and social media, they break down in the middle due to critical missed opportunities or lack of “actual” competent teams.

Their approach is generic and is being replicated by the majority of entities around the globe.

If you’re in a War for survival, then we will make you win each and every Battle! Overtly or Covertly!

Our approach is totally unconventional. We don’t follow a path that is a general practice. Our clientele is not concerned about what our forces do on the ground, how they do it or when they do it - We want our clients to care about their desired goal only.

    Our Strategy
  • Selection of Target Goal
  • Create digital “pathways” for precision strike – which may include some or majority of the digital marketing components
  • Only strike where there is surety of returns, not blindly throw away efforts
    Who could benefit
  • Frustrated owners, CEOs, department heads or any other entity spending a lot on marketing teams with no tangible results
  • Hired a cheap freelancer? – Now wondering where the hell is that guy?
  • Entities who want to sit back and review their progress reports – not getting bogged down into micromanaging daily tasks
  • Entities who don’t want to spend huge sums on creating big marketing departments with SOPs, structures, plans, team management and bills etc – Just select your targets, negotiate budget and leave the rest to us
  • Entities wanting to utilize us as their separate channel for leads / branding